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Chocolate Starfish, Fleshy Love Sponge

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My my my… if there is one carnal sin I do love to engage in, it’s the debauched act of having my chocolate starfish visited by my hero’s fleshy pink tongue.


I cannot resist the long, wet strokes of his wide, fleshy love-paddle.


Over and over, against my tight taupe button.

I succumb to the motion.

Up and down, left to right, figure eight, circles, clockwise, then reversed.


Short strokes.


Long, drawn out, indulgent strokes.


Quick, sharp, pokes surprise me!

Then a soft, gentle sponge caresses all of me.

From my snatch to my starfish.

Nowhere is out of bounds to his mouth.



The warm firm pressure consumes me. It fills my whole saddle with throbbing, pulsing desire. I push back, into his face.


Onto his face.

The muffled mumble of a motorboat.

Vibrating. Spluttering.  Spitting.



Licked clean, from top to bottom and everything in between.

His hands grip the two mounts of my buttocks and spread them wide.

I feel him blowing air on me. A stream of cool arrows, drying me off before he whets me again.

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