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Monalisa eats bread!

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The open-gaped-triangle at the top of my thighs; framed by spongy skin, where my derriere curves up and off my legs.

-that’s my Monalisa.

If I could introduce myself to the world with a proverbial handshake and a smile, it would be cheek first.

I love that spot.

It’s perfection.


Bouncy curves like a freshly risen loaf of bread, soft and resilient.


Tempting and mouth watering.

Close enough to smell.

Far from satisfaction.

I smile a smirky smile inwardly, as I bend over and present myself, Monalisa first to my lover.


I know he loves it as much as I do.

Blemish free, smooth skin.

Stretched across the heart shaped outer frame of my thighs and full round ass.


The Monalisa pokes her smile out through the center gap, and he just melts.


Ready to butter me

Oh my Monalisa, we love your smile.



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