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What is: Rope Play?

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Rope Play or Rope Bondage is the use of rope to restrict, wrap, suspend or restrain a partner's movement. There are varying degrees of movement constriction (and in some cases blood flood) to different parts of the body. All of course using ropes to achieve this as part of what is traditionally deemed BDSM.


One popular form of rope-bondage technique, derives from the erotic Japanese bondage art form of Shibari, which was in turn developed from the now-defunct Japanese military restraint technique of hojōjutsu.


Shinju (from the Japanese meaning pearl) is a euphemism to refer to the binding of female breasts. It has been popularly claimed that "shinju" is an authentic Japanese term for a "bikini harness".


Karada A bondage rope harness, sometime also referred to as a bondage web, rope web, rope dress is a rope bondage technique which involves the tying of an intricate structure of rope around the body in a complex web-like fashion.

A rope harness is similar in effect to a leather bondage harness, in that both are not in themselves normally used to bind a person, but are used to apply pressure over the area bound and can provide securing points for other bondage techniques, including suspension bondage.

Some introductory rope play basics to try at home:

The DragonFly

The Frogtie:


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