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Written By You

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Oh, the warm sweet signature!

My ultimate stamp of approval.

The cum-laude of life.

White cursive across my chest, dripping to my breasts. Ink from his pen.


He claims my body with his love; catching his breath, looking down into my eyes.


In that paused moment, as orgasm takes hold, I see bliss sweep across his masculine face.


I lean back, opening my collarbones and neck to him.

I bend like a kite, straining against the wind for him to see all of me.

Nipples to the sky, saluting his member. Arching my back and gently moaning in exhale as I join his pleasure.


I delight my hero, my poet.


He drops into release.


His tepid mark on my dewy skin.  

A thank-you note.


Written by him, on me.


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