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PVC, Latex & Vinyl

Shiny, skin-tight  and squeaky. Bring out your the baby powder and lube.

Slippery Thighs

R 395.00

Flip Me Over

R 320.00

So Good I Wanna Scream!

R 930.00
Sold Out

Grab My Ass

R 185.00
Sold Out

Bodaway, Fire Maker

R 360.00

Kosumi, Spear Fisherman

R 350.00

Grope Me

R 360.00

Push Me

R 445.00

Be Mine

R 1,550.00

Chain Slave Collar Set, Wolfgang Saxony

R 720.00

Wildcat Wonder

R 465.00

Liwanu, Growling Bear

R 485.00

Enyeto, Walks Like a bear

R 1,000.00

Fourway Hogtie Ernst Babenhausen

R 350.00

Kiyiya, Howling Wolf

R 685.00

Ituha, Sturdy oak

R 560.00

Flo, The arrow

R 1,020.00

Cochise, Hardwood

R 1,250.00

Bidziil, He Is Strong

R 400.00