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Subspace Accessories

Bondage Bottega™ BSDM and play accessories.

Introduce some extra erotica into your life and indulge in tantalizing play that will set your senses alight. Bondage, the B in BDSM, isn’t all about rough sex and safe words. It can also be about relaxation, pleasure, erotic stimulation, exploration, and sensations that drive you wild, as you savor every stroke, touch, and spank. Whether you’re new to light bondage or want to take your experimentation further, we can satisfy your fantasies with bondage kits, handcuffs, blindfolds, paddles, ticklers, and sexy fetish wear that makes you feel powerful, in control, and damn hot.

Bondage Bottega, Tiger Print Blind Fold

R 260.00 R 270.00